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The new trend on social media these days that keeps popping up is using a charcoal toothpaste to brighten/whiten up one’s teeth. Bloggers have been going crazy posting videos of themselves using the black toothpaste. Although it looks like the opposite of whitening while used in the video, the claim is that it will improve …

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  With Halloween just a few weeks away, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind with all that candy that your kids will collect trick or treating. Rinse with Water Rinse your mouth with water after eating any candy and before brushing and flossing to remove sugar and acid Smaller bag Using a …

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A cavity, or in proper dental terminology, dental caries, is the most common oral disease we see and is one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions in North America.  In Statistics Canada’s 2007-2009Canadian Health Measures Survey, it was found that 96% of adults have had a history of tooth decay. It was also found …

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We get many questions from parents regarding their kids at the dental office. Our first blog below outlines the ways you as a parent and us, as a dental team, can alleviate concerns and also incorporate preventative practices for optimal oral health for your child. I always remember going to the dentist at an early …

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