Dental Tips for Healthy Smiles at Halloween

Children And Dog In Halloween Costumes For Trick Or Treating

Children And Dog In Halloween Costumes For Trick Or Treating

  With Halloween just a few weeks away, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind with all that candy that your kids will collect trick or treating.
  • Rinse with Water
    • Rinse your mouth with water after eating any candy and before brushing and flossing to remove sugar and acid
  • Smaller bag
    • Using a smaller bag for trick or treating may cut down on waste and give the illusion of more candy collected
  • Costume fit
    • Assure that you child’s costume fits properly to avoid trips and falls that could result in dental or medical injuries
  • Mealtime treats
    • Restrict those sugary treats to after meal time only
  • Talk about Expectations
    • Before and after Halloween night have a discussion with your child/children about expectations regarding treats-per-day limits
  • Eating a balanced meal
    • Healthy foods should be eaten before candy, a full, satisfied stomach will eat less treats
  • Check your treats
    • Look through the candy collected together with your kids to make sure there isn’t anything unsafe to consume
  • Have fun!
    • Be safe and remember that there is more to Halloween than just candy
Reference: Canadian Dental Association
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