Dental Tips for Children from Macneill Family Dentistry

We get many questions from parents regarding their kids at the dental office. Our first blog below outlines the ways you as a parent and us, as a dental team, can alleviate concerns and also incorporate preventative practices for optimal oral health for your child. I always remember going to the dentist at an early age. The positive experiences and trust building with my dentist early on not only created positive oral hygiene habits but inspired me to become one.

Tips on how to help maintain a healthy mouth for your children:

  • Eating nutritious foods and a well balanced diet will help keep your children’s teeth strong and healthy
    • Good foods: vegetables, fruit, yogurt, cheese and milk
    • Bad foods: pop, sports drinks, juice, candy and junk food
  • Limiting your children’s sugar intake can help create a healthy mouth as well as overall health.
    • Pop, sports drinks and juice contain a large amount of sugar and acid that can lead to tooth decay
  • Kids aged 3-6 years old only need a pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride
    • Your child may need help/assistance while brushing and should be monitored for correct technique
    • A toothbrush should be changed every 3 months
  • Having your child visit the dentist early on helps relieve anxiety and creates a trusting and long lasting relationship at the dental office
    • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists suggests having your child visit a dentist when their first tooth appears or by the age of one.

How our dentists can help:

  • Regular check-ups by a dentist to assess oral health and to prevent future problems/complications
    • Our X-rays are digital which reduces the amount of radiation your child is receiving
    • Every room is equipped with a TV. Cartoons and kid-friendly TV shows help to reduce anxiety and create a stress-free appointment.
  • Sealants: a protective coating on your child’s early adult teeth to help prevent tooth decay in hard to clean deep pits and fissures
    • A quick and fun appointment, no freezing is needed
  • Fluoride treatment:
    • Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay (cavities) by making teeth more resistant to the acid that bacteria produce which ultimately causes the decay
  • Mouthguards: Will help prevent traumatic injuries to kid’s teeth during their sporting activities
    • Our mouthguards are custom fit to your child and come in a variety of colours

Please contact us here at MacNeill Dentistry to see how we can help you and your family achieve optimal oral health and create ideal life-long habits that will make visiting us easy and fun.

Written by: Dr. Jovan Spinnato

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